Shifting the way healthcare is delivered.

Pronova exists because of healthcare professionals like you — dedicated experts who care deeply about their patients’ wellbeing.

Formulated specifically for the conditions you treat

Clinically tested and validated

Safe and cost-effective

We believe healthcare professionals are and should always be the true influencers in the wellness space.

With so much noise out there, your patients come to you to cut through all of that so that you can give them the information and treatment they need.

Pronova Sampling Program

Free patient starter kits of Pronova products are available to verified physicians and healthcare providers in the United States. Samples are delivered in bulk and include detailed product information plus a coupon for your patients.

All submissions are vetted and samples are only available to qualifying healthcare partners.

*For existing providers that need refills, please contact us at

New Providers, Please Enroll

Virtually dispense Pronova products
from anywhere, at any time

Because Pronova believes OBs, GYNs, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other female healthcare providers are still the ultimate healthcare influencer, we’ve partnered with a very special app to help you provide your patients with the wellness products they need.

If you are interested in dispensing Pronova products virtually, download the shiftMD app — the world’s first exclusive distribution channel that allows providers to get their patients the non-prescription therapeutic products they need — all with the touch of a button.

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